2016 IEEE CS TCSE Awards

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Award presentations on May 19 at ICSE 2016 in Austin, Texas, USA.

2016 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Synergy Award


Microsoft Research

Redmond, USA

In recognition of their worldwide impact on software engineering research for the past 25 years, their role as an open research institution that influenced hundreds of students and faculty members every year, their collaborations with academia toward common research goals, their research artifacts in terms of tools and data that contribute to improving the company's own software engineering practices, and their open, bi-directional, team-oriented model for effective partnership between industry and universities.

2016 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Service Award

Hausi Müller 2014

Hausi A. Müller

University of Victoria,
Victoria, Canada

In recognition of his consistent and outstanding contributions to the software engineering research and professional community in over three decades, his service on various IEEE CS boards, his organization of top software engineering conferences, and his founding of organizations that brought researchers, practitioners, and students together (e.g., CSER, SEAMS).

2016 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Education Award

Tim Lethbridge 2013

Timothy C. Lethbridge

University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada
In recognition of his outstanding contributions to software engineering education through leadership roles in curriculum development, his dissemination of software engineering education ideas through conferences and committees, his chairing of the CSEET steering committee, and his advancing of software engineering education through accreditation processes and curriculum design.

2016 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Leadership Award

Eleni Stroulia 2014

Eleni Stroulia

University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

In recognition of her strong advocacy and enduring mentorship for women at all levels in science, engineering, and technology through a wide array of activities (e.g., in WISEST, high-school outreach, summer camps) and her initiative in organizing communities of individuals dedicated to promote women in computing (e.g., Women in IT conference, Women in Computing workshop, Canadian Meeting of Female Computer Science Faculty).

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