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2018 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Synergy Award

LERO - Limerick, Ireland


Lero’s outstanding collaborative research (spanning universities and industry), Lero’s strong track record of research commercialization and technology transfer (e.g., 39 Patents, 26 Invention Disclosures, 8 Commercial Licences, and two spin-offs: Logentries and Nova Leah), Lero’s unique Professional Doctoral Engineering (PDEng) program enhancing industry and community capabilities, andLero’s on-boarding workshops (available freely to industry), that clearly warranted this award.

2018 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Service Award

Tom Zimmerman - Microsoft Research, USA

Tom Zimmerman

Tom Zimmerman's leadership role in all the major software engineering conferences (ICSE, ICSME, FSE, ASE, and MSR), his tremendous amount of commitment to software engineering research (e.g., through organizing many workshops and Dagstuhl seminars), and his significant professional services (e.g., the EiC of the Empirical Software Engineering Journal, an AE of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and IEEE Software), that clearly warranted this award.

2018 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Education Award

Carlo Ghezzi - Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Carlo Ghezzi

Carlo Ghezzi's pioneering leadership in education for four decades (e.g., through the development of a curriculum in software engineering in the mid 1980’s, his famous software engineering text book published in 1991) and his exceptional mentorship for many graduate students who became the main educators in software engineering throughout in Europe, that clearly warranted this award 

2018 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Leadership Award

Barbara Ryder - Virginia Tech, USA

Barbara Ryder

Barbara Ryder's pioneering leadership in education over three decades to the fields of Programming Languages and Software Engineering (e.g., through her foundational work on pointer alias analysis, dataflow analysis, and effective code instrumentation), her exceptional advocacy and enduring mentorship for women at all levels in science, engineering, and technology through a wide array of activities (e.g., co-founded/co-chaired the NCWIT VA/DC Aspirations in ComputingAward, served on CRA-W mentoring panels for 7 years, and promoted faculty involvement in diversity activities as Department Head at Virginia Tech), and her numerous awards as a role model for the women in the field (e.g., CRA-W Distinguished Professor, Virginia AAUW Woman of Achievement Award, ACM SIGSOFT Influential Educator Award, ACM Fellow, ACM Presidential Award, and Rutgers University School of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award), that clearly warranted this award.