Chair's Message


Dr. Rick Kazman 
TCSE Chair
University of Hawaii

The IEEE Computer Society is the world’s largest professional organization devoted to computer science and the TCSE is the voice of software engineering within the IEEE and the Computer Society.  As such, it is the duty of the TCSE to advance awareness of software engineering, and to support conferences, workshops, education, training, and other professional activities that contribute to the growth and enrichment of software engineering academics and professional. This is your organization. It should serve you in terms of your professional growth, but it should also serve your business, your government, your financial environment, your health, your home and family, and your social networks. 

These are exciting times. Software is critical to the economic, environmental, physical, and social well-being of our world. As software engineers we have incredible opportunities, and enormous responsibilities to society. We can not take these opportunities and responsibilities lightly.  Software is everywhere, and software engineering has moved out of the “back room” and is now a vibrant, multi-disciplinary, and rapidly expanding field.  The TCSE is in the fortunate and frightening position of potentially having enormous influence.  What we do, or what we do not do, really matters!

Thus the TCSE must continue all of the important work that it has been doing: showing leadership in organizing conferences and workshops, sponsoring publications that both advance research and aid practitioners in their jobs, and in providing training opportunities, particularly e-learning. However, more than just continuing existing work, the TCSE must show leadership in all these areas—working with other professional societies, with government, with academia, with non-profits, and with industry organizations—to create the resources and opportunities that will educate and inspire software engineers in the future. One of my objectives, as chair of the TCSE will be to increase cooperation between academia and industry.  Our field is, first and foremost, about improving the practice of software engineering and to do that practitioners and researchers must closely cooperate.  Fostering this cooperation and collaboration is my most important goal.


2018 TCSE Election Results

Congratulations to our latest TCSE Members-at-large Carol Woody, Nancy Mead, Elliot Chikofsky, and Grace Lewis.  The At-Large Members were elected for the 2018-2020 term.

Congratulations to 2018 TCSE Award Winners!
Presented at ICSE 2018 in Gothernberg, Sweden

TCSE Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Leadership Award
    Barbara Ryder, Virginia Tech, USA

TCSE Distinguished Service Award
    Thomas Zimmerman, Microsoft, USA

TCSE Distinguished Education Award
    Carlo Ghezzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

TCSE Distinguished Synergy Award
    LERO, Ireland

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